Online platform makes it easier to find, contribute bike parking locations in the PH
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Online platform makes it easier to find, contribute bike parking locations in the PH

Finding secure parking spots is a challenge for any person who uses their bike to get around. We have written about some ways to park your bike without going insane but you can only do so much to tackle the uncertainties of daily bike commuting. Finding the right place to park your bicycle is exactly what Bisikleta Spaces is here to help you out with.

First released as a web application in December 2018, Bisikleta Spaces can now be used as a mobile app on Android and iOS devices. It is a platform where people can locate bike parking spaces and also contribute by entering information about parking facilities they find in the Philippines.

The new mobile apps make it a lot easier to view bike parking information when you’re on the go. Simply open the app, enter your location or destination, and the nearest bike parking spaces will be shown to you. If you find a parking space that’s not on the app, you can help other cyclists by logging in, pinning the location on the map, and contributing information such as the description and capacity of the space, among others. The app also allows you to upload photos so others can see the exact appearance and condition of the bike parking space.

Originally inspired by the Facebook page, Bike Parking Spots in Metro Manila, Kristian Guevara developed the platform because of his frustration over the uncertainty of finding parking spots. “I am reluctant at times to trust the information since it’s outdated and lacks details for reliability. I’m not easily convinced by just a picture and brief details. Because of this, I’d rather commute than use my bike, which makes me spend more…”

He says that creating a more dynamic platform that is easily searchable and can be continuously updated would help those who use their bikes on a daily basis. He continues to receive positive feedback from the cycling community oftentimes being told that he should continue working on his passion project.

Guevara’s mission to provide easy access to bike parking information has only just begun. The creator says that his grad vision for the app is to encourage more people to transition from driving cars to riding bicycles. With this goal in mind, he plans to roll out more updates and bug fixes to fine tune the platform. Future updates include video walkthroughs of bike parking spots, among others.

Download and install Bisikleta Spaces:
Android: http://bit.ly/bisikletaandroid
iOS: http://bit.ly/bisikletaios

Visit their website:

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