About Us

Emerald Avenue bike lane

Cycling Matters is many things. We are a happy collective of cyclists who have gotten tired of just waiting and ranting about how unhappy our local biking conditions can be. And we are also an experiment in pushing for positive change through the insightful reporting of cycling news, the production of accessible educational content, and the celebration of Filipino cycling culture.

We want to keep the Filipino cyclist informed about the current events that are happening in the local scene and provide commentary on the issues that face our community, so that we are well-informed and better able to participate in crucial discussions and collective actions.

There is also much to be done about educating the different stakeholders in our transportation system, and we think that “sharing the road” should also means doing our part by being educated road users. It is our hope that we can learn together by exchanging bike knowledge for smarter, safer, and more sustainable cycling.

The last bit about our experiment is an attempt to forward our goals by documenting the uniqueness of our Filipino cycling heritage, as well as the diverse customs and traditions that make Pinoy cyclists both different and the same.

We think that the dream of safer and better cycling conditions can only be possible if we start talking about our issues, if we learn from each other, if we share what we love about the bike, and if we do it together.

Let’s start a revolution together.

CM Team

Jan-Daniel Belmonte
King Emmanuel Filart
Brian Paul Giron
Mikka Ferrer
Remmon Barbaza, PhD

Hidde van der Wall
Victorija Deldio
Savyna Ian Lalo
Nikki Vesagas