We fight for our share of the road, the right to safe and accessible transportation, and the simple joys of bicycling.

Why I want my next bike to be a CUB

Sometimes a fresh interpretation of an old idea catches your attention and makes you feel like it’s novel and unique. The Compact Utility Bicycle (CUB) made this immediate impression on me once I got my hands on it. This Filipinized version of the...

The Real Problem with Cycling in the PH

We have heard just about every reason explaining why cycling cannot work in the Philippines. Some of them sensible, more of them silly, and most of them from people who talk too much about why they don’t ride when they haven’t tried enough. The fact...

Cycling Matters presenter Hidde van der Wall climbing the wall on his steel bike, Kalabaw

Why Cycling Matters

The bicycle can mean many different things to people: a mode of transport, a wall ornament, a fitness device, or even a fashion accessory, among others. Weekend warriors go through their weekly grind eagerly anticipating Sunday club rides, while...